cryptocurrency education platforms in africa

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Education

Bitcoin Education Initiatives in Africa

As the adoption of bitcoin continues to grow worldwide, Africa has emerged as a vibrant and dynamic hub for bitcoin users and innovators. In response to this rising interest, various individuals, organizations and initiatives have emerged, dedicated to providing valuable resources for bitcoin education in … Read further

Bitcoin Culture

We only got into Bitcoin last week

How much bitcoin do you have? I keep meeting people who are eager to tell me when they became “into crypto,” or even “into Bitcoin.” This seems ridiculous and dumb to me. Chat with Matthew already 21 messages Matthew 10:12AM, Today Hey, I’m Matthew, nice … Read further


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new approach towards money. It implies that everyone has the potential to become their own bank, with the ability to transact freely without the need for intermediaries. This has the potential to empower individuals and communities, particularly those who have been … Read further

How NGOs use bitcoin


The Bitcoin NGO Guide 2022

The Bitcoin NGO Guide shows on how NGOs, activists, foundations, governments, and aid organizations can use bitcoin to improve their operations. The guide is written by Leigh Cuen with support from the Human Rights Foundation and published in partnership with the Bitcoin Policy Institute. It … Read further

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