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Geyser is a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform that is non-custodial, meaning the funds go directly into your preferred Bitcoin wallet. The platform is used by creators, educators, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc., to receive financial support from the community. It is free to use.


Founded in 2022, Geyser is a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform that is non-custodial, meaning the funds go directly into your preferred Bitcoin wallet. The platform is used by creators, educators, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc., to receive financial support from the community. You can also apply for Geyser Grants whenever grants rounds are open.

The platform describes itself as Lightning-native, which means that projects on Geyser have a Lightning address, therefore funders can send Bitcoin from a Lightning wallet such as Phoenix, Wallet of Satoshi, and Muun. At the time of writing, there were 75 projects, 560399326 sats raised and 1134 contributors on the platform.

Benefits of Geyser Fund

  • Easy to use. It is easy for anyone to set up without prior knowledge of a Bitcoin wallet.
  • Engaging. You can post articles to update and engage your donors.
  • Censorship-resistant. As the owner of your campaign, you are given the means to own your funds yourself.
  • Interoperable. Donors can fund from any wallets, including Lightning wallets.
  • Supports Lightning addresses. Like email for money, Lightning addresses (e.g., [email protected]) let you send and receive Bitcoin instantly with just a simple identifier. They are easy to memorize and are reusable.

How to Fundraise on Geyser

  • Go to launch page
  • Login with Twitter, Nostr, Facebook, Google, Lightning, and GitHub
  • You need to craft a compelling story about your project’s impact, funding goals, and share your link widely
  • Connect your node to receive funds. Users with necessary technical knowledge can connect to their own nodes such as BTCPay Server or nodes, which provide their own lightning addresses
  • For non-technical users, they can connect their custodial or non-custodial lightning wallets to their crowdfunding campaigns
  • Write entries to keep your community up to date

Funding Methods

Your project or idea can receive Bitcoin donations in the following ways:

  • Donation-based crowdfunding. This is when backers make donations to projects.
  • Reward-based crowdfunding. This is when backers get something back for their contributions.

Geyser Grants

Geyser Grants are aimed at accelerating the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem by increasing Bitcoin awareness, enabling Bitcoin culture, education and supporting development in the Bitcoin space. Through these grants, Geyser will be supporting Bitcoin educators, developers, entrepreneurs, and creatives with the resources they need.

Applications for grants are only open during Rounds. Rounds will be announced ahead of time and usually run for a few weeks. Once Rounds close, a board of Bitcoiners with experience in the grant theme will review the applications of the grants and select the winners.

Geyser Fund Fees

The good news is that Geyser Fund charges minimal fees to projects raising funds. There’s a 2% fee deducted from the donations received through a Lightning Network address (5% lower than other crowdfunding platforms). This helps cover Geyser’s operational costs and maintain the platform. If you run your own node, Geyser is free to use. These fees are deducted from the donations you receive, not added on top.

Is Geyser Fund Safe?

Geyser Fund is a non-custodial Bitcoin crowdfunding platform, which means you maintain control of your funds at all times. You’re not relying on the platform to hold your crypto for you; instead, you use your own personal wallet to manage your funds. This puts you in charge of security, as you’re responsible for safeguarding your wallet and its contents. The platform cannot freeze your funds.

Geyser Fund has a transparent policy regarding project removal, typically only taking down projects that engage in illegal activities, spamming, or scams. This helps to protect both creators/educators and supporters within the community.

When you contribute to a project on Geyser Fund, your donation goes directly to the creator through a “keep it all” model. This means that creators receive 100% of the funds they raise, with no platform fees or deductions. However, it’s important to be aware that Geyser Fund doesn’t offer refunds for projects unable to reach their funding goals.

Do You Have a Project in Mind?

If you have a Bitcoin-related project, you should visit Geyser website and launch your project. Alternatively, join Geyser Telegram channel to receive news on recent and upcoming grants.

Bitcoin Crowdfunding Platforms: Geyser Fund Alternatives

If you’re looking for other Bitcoin crowdfunding options, here are some alternatives to consider:

  • Tallycoin: Tallycoin is a Bitcoin crowdfunding platform that allows users to create crowdfunding campaigns and receive donations in Bitcoin.
  • Btcpay Server: Btcpay Server allows users to set up crowdfunding campaigns to receive Bitcoin donations for projects. It is a self-hosted solution.
  • OpenNode: OpenNode is a Bitcoin payment processor that allows users to accept Bitcoin payments and donations.

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3 reviews for Geyser Crowdfunding Platform [Bitcoin]

  1. 4 out of 5


    I have contributed immensely to many projects that support Bitcoin adoption on this platform. If you have a reasonable project that needs funds, this platform is the best for you as it employs the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Edwin Ndaki

    There are several reasons why I like Geyser as a BTC fundraising platform. First and foremost, I appreciate the fact that there are no fees for creating a campaign or receiving donations. Furthermore, Geyser differs from other platforms because it doesn’t provide a custodial wallet to manage funds for distribution. You must therefore use your own wallet, which allows you to be in control of your funds at all times.

  3. 4 out of 5


    In this site you will find many projects from games to documentaries This one will suits you if you have something in mind and want to present it to the world and top of that it will provide u audience, it is the best platform u may ever come across and it is 100% empowered by real people and funded within the lightning network.

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