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Overview of decent bitcoin resources in many languages

You want to lead a friend or family into the rabbit hole but they are not comfortable with English, maybe they don’t even speak English. Where do you send them? We’re setting up this page with quality bitcoin only links in many languages to help with this.

language intro overview radio books beginner podcast youtube Bullish Case
English bitcoin-intro.com bitcoin-only BTCrad.io       Bullish
deutsch German     BTCrad.io aprycot Bitcoin verstehen   Bullish
espanol Spanish bitcoin-intro.com   BTCrad.io     Satoshi en Venezuela Alcista
francais French decouvrebitcoin.com   BTCrad.io     Découvre Bitcoin Optimiste
italiano Italian bitcoin-intro.com bitcoin-translate.it         Futuro
Nederlands Dutch bitcoin-intro.com   BTCrad.io Konsensus Network Beginnen met Bitcoin Beginnen met Bitcoin Bullish
portugues Portuguese bitcoin-intro.com     Konsensus Network     otimista
suomi Finnish bitcoin-intro.com     Konsensus Network     Bullish
svenska Swedish       Konsensus Network      
فارسی Farsi bitcoind.me         Ziya Sadr  
العربية Arabic bitcoin-intro.com            
简体字 Simplified Chinese             比特币看涨论
繁體字 Traditional Chinese             比特幣看漲論
Korean             비트코인에
Vietnamese             Bullish
Tamil             Bullish
русский Russian             Bullish
Bulgarian             Bullish
Polski             Bullish
Catalan             Bullish
Oshiwambo Exonumia.cc            
isiZulu Exonumia.cc            
Sesotho Exonumia.cc            
IsiNdebele Exonumia.cc            
TshiVenda Exonumia.cc            

where to buy

Friends don’t let friends buy shitcoins

countries exchange / language launched easy DCA payment methods
EU, CH StackinSat francais 2019 yes  
NL, BE Bitonic, Nederlands, English 2012 no iDeal, Bancontact (currently no SEPA!)
EU BL3P English 2012 no SEPA
CH, EU Relai, francais deutsch italiano English 2019 yes SEPA
United States Swan Bitcoin, English   yes  
United States River Financial, English   yes  
Australia Amber, English   yes  
Canada Bull Bitcoin, English      
Namibia Bitcoin Trade Namibia      
Nigeria Bitnob, English 2020? yes  

None of these are selling shitcoins, with a preference to simplicity and DCA.

Hodl Hodl and Bisq are great but don’t seem appropriate for beginners.


software wallets

wallet languages platforms features
BlueWallet many iOS, Android multisig, coin control
Blockstream Green many iOS, Android, desktop  
Samourai Wallet many Android coinjoin
Wasabi Wallet English desktop coinjoin

hardware wallets

todo: tables, add more

help translate bitcoin only projects

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Only bitcoin only links.

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