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Bitcoin Arabic is an initiative launched in 2019 to break down language barriers and spread bitcoin knowledge in the Arab world. The initiative has so far published over 60 articles and books on various aspects of Bitcoin.

The initiative is run by volunteers who believe in Bitcoin and with the support of the Bitcoin community. Its supporters include The Human Rights Foundation, Peter McCormack, and CoinMENA.

Going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole is a life-changing experience. However, language and education remain among the biggest adoption barriers for non-English speakers.

Bitcoin books translated into Arabic by the initiative.

Bitcoin Arabic Resources

More Information

  • If you want to write an article or translate: Send a message to @Arabic_hodl or email: [email protected]
  • To support content send satoshis to: bc1q6h3dszwl798plwkw95j855m0axtp76hdtduc69
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