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Découvre Bitcoin is an open source Bitcoin academy. It already has over 2,000 students and 8 courses available for free. The aim of Découvre Bitcoin is to bring Bitcoin education to the masses. When you join the academy, you will be able to take Bitcoin courses and get your bitcoin diploma. All classes are 100% free, under CC BY-SA licence and designed for all levels, from beginner to expert.

The vision of Découvre Bitcoin is to democratise Bitcoin by providing free quality education accessible to all and help with the understanding and general use of Bitcoin. At the time of writing, the academy had already enrolled 2064 students and 23,450 courses were completed.

We believe Bitcoin should be taught to everyone to ensure an open society free from the control of big banking institutions. Découvre Bitcoin is more than 500 videos, 8 training courses, thousands of hours of content, article pages, tutorials and much more. It’s a growing community of enthusiasts who are there to help you get started and achieve your ambitions.

The academy is able to offer free diploma courses because of voluntary donations via Patreon and Geyser Fund. You can also make donations in bitcoin or buy university merchandise from the academy’s e-commerce store.

If you want to help to teach or any other support during your free time, you can go to the help page.


The academy offers beginner level, advanced and expert courses. To enroll, you only need to login and register for a course. Offered course are the following:

  • The Bitcoin Journey (BTC 101). Become a real little expert by entering the Bitcoin burrow and discover all aspects of our ecosystem such as origin, wallet, miners, Lightning Network.
  • Getting your first bitcoins (BTC 102). Set up your bitcoin plan and become a Bitcoiner by setting up your security and get your first bitcoin.
  • Introduction to Austrian Economics (ECON 201). Introduction to the Austrian school, an economic movement based on logic and people.
  • Bitcoin and society (BTC 201). Ecology, banking monopoly, mass surveillance, etc.
  • Setting up a Bitcoin & Lightning node (LN 202.). Setting up a Bitcoin node via Umbrel and a Raspberry 4G.
  • Theoretical introduction to the Lightning Network (LN 201). Theoretical introduction to the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s layer 2 enabling micro-transactions.
  • Introduction to Cryptography (CRYPTO 301). A technical course on the cryptography used in Bitcoin wallets. Technical terms such as hashing, key derivation, elliptic curves and others will be explained in detail.

Side Projects

The academy runs three main side projects apart from offering a Bitcoin diploma. They are:

  • The Bitcoin Ambassador Project. It coordinates the creation of Bitcoin meetups and presentations around the world.
  • Bitcoin podcast. It produces the 1st French-speaking podcast on Bitcoin (interviews, audio readings, news and technical discussions).
  • Bitcoin development in Francophone Africa. It supports the development of Bitcoin in French-speaking countries in Africa through resources, hardware and technical support.

Future Plans

The project is in continuous development and new trainings are produced regularly. The targets for 2023 include internationalization by offering courses in English and Spanish.

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