Azteco: Bitcoin Voucher Platform

Azteco is a bitcoin voucher platform that allows you to buy bitcoin at participating Azteco retailers or online. It is the same as topping up a phone with a bitcoin voucher. It offers both on-chain and Lightning Network vouchers. With Azteco, individuals can now buy bitcoin without requiring a bank account or credit card.


Azteco is a bitcoin voucher platform that allows you to buy bitcoin anonymously. You can buy Azteco voucher online or at participating Azteco retailers. It is the same as topping up a phone with a bitcoin voucher. Your bitcoin will be sent to the Bitcoin address you specify. You can buy both on-chain and Lightning Network vouchers. The vouchers come in a variety of denominations.

How does Azteco work? How to redeem Azteco vouchers

  1. Search for Azteco vendor
  2. Go to a vendor near you and buy a voucherazteco bitcoin
  3. Visit the Azteco website to redeem. By entering the voucher code on the Azteco website, the vouchers can then be redeemed for bitcoin

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code on the voucher if you use BlueWallet, Muun, Phoenix, Breez, Zeus, Zebedee, Wallet of Satoshi, etc., and your bitcoin arrives instantly.

Advantages of Azteco bitcoin voucher

Azteco can be useful for you if you want to buy bitcoin but don’t have a bank account/credit card, or you want to keep your purchases private. In addition, purchasing bitcoin with a voucher can avoid the need to provide personal information to a cryptocurrency exchange.

Another advantage is that purchasing a bitcoin voucher is less intimidating than purchasing directly from an exchange because it is similar to phone top-up, which is common in many parts of the world.

Futhermore, you can use Azteco to send money to your loved ones. You simply buy bitcoin voucher then send the voucher number to your recipient who can then redeem it for bitcoin instantly on the website.

Azteco for merchants

Azteco also provides merchants with a way to sell bitcoin to their customers. You don’t need any new equipment to start selling Azteco Vouchers. As an Azteco vendor, you can fund your account at any time with Pay As You Go program. You do not interact with bitcoin or have to worry about the exchange rate; instead, you simply print vouchers from your top-up balance. Furthermore, you don’t need a merchant account. This means you can begin selling immediately after topping up. You can earn 3% on every sale.

Azteco fees

Azteco charges a fee to buy bitcoin vouchers. The specific fees will be determined by the value of the voucher and the location of the purchase. Fortunately, Lightning Vouchers are instant with zero fees. There’s no processing fees for bitcoin buyers in Africa.

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