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When it comes to choosing a platform for buying and selling Bitcoin in the US and other parts of the world, two names frequently pop up in discussions: River Financial and Swan Bitcoin. Both platforms offer unique features tailored to meet the needs of Bitcoin investors, such as dollar cost averaging, but they differ in their approach and services.

To gain insight into the fundamental similarities and distinctionss, lets explore Swan vs River.

Investment Strategy

Both exchanges make it easy for Bitcoin investors to accumulate Bitcoin with options for automated Bitcoin purchases with bank account and dedicated advisors for larger accounts. Their main feature is dollar cost averaging, which makes it easier to invest in Bitcoin without worrying about buying at the perfect time.

River vs Swan Bitcoin Features

Both River and Swan Bitcoin offer convenient access through their websites and mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms. To enhance user security and compliance, both platforms require users to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

River stands out with its Private Client feature tailored for individuals purchasing more than $100,000 worth of Bitcoin. This feature is designed for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, investment funds, and similar entities. Additionally, River’s recurring buy feature allows you to set up recurring orders on an hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, offering flexibility in investment strategies. If you are a hardware wallet user, you can integrate Trezor and Ledger with River. There’s also Bitcoin tax optimization tools to help you become compliants.

River’s innovative River Link feature simplifies Bitcoin transfers by eliminating the need for a Bitcoin address and ensuring accuracy without unnecessary multiple checks. You can effortlessly send Bitcoin via text, direct message, or email using the River Link feature, making it ideal for gifting or splitting expenses with friends. Furthermore, River’s integration with the Lightning Network enables you to make instant transfers with minimal fees.

The platform’s automatic withdrawals feature provides a hands-off approach to sending Bitcoin to self-custody, streamlining the management of digital assets. Moreover, River offers a Bitcoin inheritance plan, allowing you to create personalized beneficiary plans to pass on your Bitcoin holdings to loved ones. The River team assists in establishing these plans and educates beneficiaries about Bitcoin.

“River Mining” feature lets you purchase Bitmain’s Antminer S19j Pro miners and control mining operations via a mobile app. You can start with one miner and easily scale up, managing all miners from the River app. River supports buying miners for IRA LLCs, business accounts, family offices, or personal accounts.

Swan Bitcoin, on the other hand, is known for simplifying recurring purchases with bank account and automatic withdrawal to your personal wallet. For high net worth individuals, family offices, businesses, and trusts, the Swan Private team assists in Bitcoin investment strategies and offers comprehensive inheritance and estate planning for Bitcoin. Notably, Swan takes the lead in retirement planning by allowing the transfer of funds from traditional retirement accounts into Swan IRAs.

Swan Advisor Services provides a comprehensive education team tailored for financial advisors and their clients. This initiative ensures that when their clients decide to withdraw their assets to cold storage or opt for collaborative custody, they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to execute these actions safely and effectively. x

One of the notable features offers to private clients by Swan Bitcoin is a Concierge OTC Service. This service is designed for high-net-worth individuals and institutions looking to buy and sell large amounts of Bitcoin with personalized attention and guaranteed pricing. Alongside this, Swan integrates a referral program offering Bitcoin bonuses and facilitates gift-giving with ease. Through Swan, recipients of gifts are guided through the account creation process, with the monetary value of the gift converted into Bitcoin.

For businesses looking to diversify their balance sheets, Swan Bitcoin offers a feature to incorporate Bitcoin holdings. Furthermore, Swan Vault service offers integration with Blockstream Jade hardware wallet. Swan Vault requires two keys to access your Bitcoin. These keys are held securely offline within your Blockstream Jade devices, giving you ultimate control over your Bitcoin. With the Swan Vault Welcome Package, priced at $159, 2 Blockstream Jade will be shipped to you.

It’s important to note that as of March 2024, Swan does not support Lightning Network transactions, distinguishing it from platforms like River. The good news is that their team told us that Lightning integration should be live sometime this year.


River Financial is licensed and regulated under US financial regulations, including oversight by FinCEN and the New York State Department of Financial Services, ensuring adherence to compliance standards and accountability. The exchange mitigates the risk of theft or loss of your funds through the use of advanced security measures such as multi-signature cold storage for offline secure storage. There is also a mandatory 2fa authentication (TOTP or SMS) to add a layer of protection. However, River offers you a custodial wallet, meaning you don’t have full control of your private keys and funds.

Likewise, Swan prioritizes the security of your funds in several ways. They do not store or have access to the private keys for Bitcoin stored with their custodial partners. All your Bitcoin is securely stored in your name with their trusted custodian. Additionally, the fiat currency associated with your account is held in an FDIC-insured account at their partner bank. This setup is crucial in the event of the exchange collapses.

Swan Bitcoin encourages you to withdraw your purchased Bitcoin immediately or set up automatic withdrawals to your self custody wallets. If you store your Bitcoin using the Swan Vault service, you need two keys stored on your Blockstream Jade signing device. Swan manages the third key, known as the Cloud Key. If a key is lost or stolen, you can use the Cloud Key along with the remaining key to access your Bitcoin. Withdrawals made with the Cloud Key have a 72-hour hold for extra security.

Neither Swan nor its custody provider can engage in activities such as loaning, hypothecating, or rehypothecating any Bitcoin stored with the custodian. Instead, your Bitcoin remains in your own legal trust account until you decide to withdraw it. Furthermore, Swan Bitcoin enhances security measures by storing Bitcoin in insured cold storage, further protecting your assets.

It’s important to mention that Swan Bitcoin’s custodian, Fortress, encountered a hack in 2023. While Swan maintains that no user funds were compromised, the incident caused a stir in the Bitcoin community. There’s a lot of uneasiness regarding the general business practices of Fortress and their top management.

Fees and Limits

River Financial charges a tiered fee structure based on the transaction size, ranging from 1.20% to 0.80%. Smaller purchases incur a higher percentage fee.
Swan Bitcoin uses a tiered fee system as well, but structured differently. Recurring buys have a higher fee (1.19% to 2.29%) compared to River’s zero fees and spread on recurring orders, but Swan’s fees become progressively lower with larger, more frequent purchases. Instant buys come with a flat 0.99% fee. Withdrawing from Swan Bitcoin to self-custody is free.

When comparing purchasing options between Swan Bitcoin and River Financial, it’s evident that both platforms offer flexibility with varying minimum and maximum purchase limits. With Swan Bitcoin, you can initiate instant buys using ACH for as little as $10, up to $50,000 per transaction, with a daily cap of $50,000. Recurring buys through ACH allow for investments starting at $10, with daily, weekly, and monthly limits set accordingly. For larger transactions, Swan Bitcoin permits conversions through wire transfers, direct deposits, or push ACH, starting at $1 and reaching a maximum of $250,000 per purchase, without any predefined daily, weekly, or monthly constraints.

In contrast, River Financial has higher transactions limits compared to Swan Bitcoin. They require a minimum of $10 for both buying and selling orders, with ACH deposits capped at $150,000 weekly and instant buy transactions limited to $100,000 per business day. Nonetheless, River Financial doesn’t impose restrictions on individual transaction amounts, enabling purchases or sales up to $1,000,000 each time. These limits are designed to manage transactions effectively and safeguard your funds. Furthermore, River Financial does not impose limits on sends and receives, with the option to request higher limits through Client Services when needed.

Supported Countries

Swan Bitcoin accepts customers from around the world including countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Japan, South Africa, and beyond. On the other hand, River Financial operates exclusively within the United States (except New York and Nevada).

River vs Swan: Comparison Table

To assist you in making an informed decision between these two exchanges, we’ve assembled a side-by-side overview to highlight their key features.

AspectRiver FinancialSwan Bitcoin
Investment StrategyDollar cost averaging, Dedicated advisors for larger accountsDollar cost averaging, Dedicated advisors for larger accounts
FeaturesAutomatic withdrawals, Inheritance and estate planning, Recurring buy, Trezor and Ledger integration, Bitcoin tax optimization toolsRecurring buy feature, Integration with Jade, Bitcoin tax optimization tools, Automatic withdrawals, Concierge OTC Service for large purchases, Inheritance and estate planning
Mobile AppYes (Android and iOS)Yes (Android and iOS)
SecurityLicensed and regulated under US financial regulations, Multi-signature cold storage, Mandatory multifactor authenticationLicensed and regulated under US financial regulations, Multi-signature cold storage, Fiat currency held in FDIC-insured account
Fees and LimitsTiered fee structure (1.20% to 0.80%), No fees on recurring orders, Transaction limits: $10 minimum, $100,000 per business day for instant buys, $1,000,000 maximum per transaction, No limits on sends and receivesTiered fee structure (1.19% to 2.29% for recurring buys, 0.99% for instant buys), Withdrawals to self-custody are free, Varying transaction limits based on payment method and frequency
Supported CountriesExclusive to the United States (except New York and Nevada)Worldwide, including the USA and various other countries
Anonymous PurchasingNo (KYC-compliant exchange)No (KYC-compliant exchange)
Lightning Network IntegrationYesNot yet implemented, but planned for the future
Retirement Planning OptionsNoSwan Bitcoin IRA available

River vs Swan Bitcoin: Which Platform is Right for You?

Both River Financial and Swan Bitcoin are Bitcoin-only exchanged that offer distinct advantages and limitations. If you’re a high-net-worth individual engaging in large volumes, River presents a favorable option due to its higher purchase limits. In addition, River Financial stands out for its comprehensive range of features, including performance tracking, Bitcoin tax optimization tools, Bitcoin inheritance options, and hardware wallet integration, along with a dedicated service for high-volume investors. Moreover, the exchange has zero fees on DCA (recurring buys) and zero fees on withdraws.

However, its services are restricted to the US, and while its fees are competitive, they may not be the most cost-effective option for users conducting smaller transactions. Moreover, you can not withdraw your Bitcoin instantly because your funds must clear on their end, which may take a week or more, and it lacks the Bitcoin retirement plan option provided by Swan through its Swan Bitcoin IRA.

On the other hand, Swan Bitcoin is probably the main River Financial competitor in the US focusing on simplicity. With it, you can buy Bitcoin with a bank account in the US and wire transfers internationally. It provides a user-friendly interface with automated recurring purchases and automated withdrawls to your own Bitcoin wallet, alongside features like Bitcoin inheritance plance, Bitcoin IRA, gift-giving functionalities and a referral program. Unlike River, Swan accepts customers worldwide.

Although Swan also charges fees, they become progressively lower with larger and more frequent purchases. This offers a potential cost-saving advantage over River Financial for certain users. However, it’s crucial to note that there’s a 10 day hold on ACH deposits before you can withdraw your Bitcoin. Furthermore, currently, Swan does not integrate with the Lightning Network, which could be a drawback for certain users.

In terms of security, both platforms prioritize your funds’ safety through multi-signature cold storage and stringent security measures. Both, being licensed and regulated under US financial regulations, offers a high level of compliance and accountability. Both encourages immediate withdrawal or automatic withdrawals to personal wallets. However, while River Financial owns its own custody infrastructure, Swan Bitcoin relies on third-party services for custody. This approach may pose a concern for some security-conscious users.

Unfortunately, if you want to buy Bitcoin anonymously, then River Financial and Swan Bitcoin are not the best choice because they are both KYC-compliant exchanges. Instead, you can use non KYC exchanges such as Hodl Hodl, Peach Bitcoin, Robosats, [Relai](https://h17n.com/exchange/relai/0, and Bisq.

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