Hodl Hodl Review: P2P Exchange and Bitcoin Lending

Hodl Hodl is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending and Bitcoin exchange platform that allows users to trade directly with each other. It offers features such as an API, multisig escrow, 2FA, and various payment methods. The platform is available in English, Russian, and Spanish.


Hodl Hodl is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platform and p2p Bitcoin lending platform. It is a noncustodial non-KYC exchange that allows you to anonymously sell and buy bitcoin without involving a third party. Hodl Hodl uses a multisig escrow system to secure transactions and a built-in dispute resolution system to protect both parties of the trade. It also allows you to set your terms for each trade, such as payment method, currency, and trading window. Furthermore, it supports the lightning Network.

Hodl Hodl Works

Hodl Hodl offers you a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace tailored specifically for buying and selling Bitcoin without relying on a central exchange. In this decentralized model, you directly engage with other users to conduct trades, effectively bypassing the need for intermediaries.

To get started on Hodl Hodl exchange, simply register an account by clicking the “Sign Up” button on the official website. Enter your email address and create a secure password; no KYC verification is required. After providing this information, verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by Hodl Hodl. This step ensures the security of your account and allows you to proceed with confidence in your trading activities on the platform.

The trading process unfolds in several steps. Firstly, you create a “buy offer” detailing the desired amount of Bitcoin along with your preferred payment method, typically in fiat currency such as USD or EUR. Conversely, sellers initiate a “sell offer” indicating the quantity of Bitcoin they wish to sell and their preferred payment method. Upon a match between your offer and a seller’s offer, Hodl Hodl generates a multisig escrow address—a specialized Bitcoin address that necessitates multiple keys for fund access. In this arrangement, Hodl Hodl retains one key while you and the seller each hold the remaining keys, ensuring security and preventing potential theft of Bitcoin or payment.

Subsequently, the transaction proceeds securely. Upon your transfer of the agreed-upon payment using the selected method—be it a bank transfer or cash deposit—the seller confirms receipt through the platform. Hodl Hodl then releases the Bitcoin from the escrow address to your wallet upon verification. Finally, upon the Bitcoin’s arrival in your wallet, you confirm the transaction’s completion, thus concluding the secure and transparent process facilitated by Hodl Hodl.

Hodl Hodl bitcoin exchange does not hold your funds; they are stored in your bitcoin wallet. It supports any fiat currency in the world. There are more than 100 Hodl Hodl payment methods, including bank transfers, SEPA transfers, SWIFT transfers, and credit cards. If the payment method is missing, it is possible to contact the service and propose to add it. After verification, it might be added to the list. The system also allows its customers to learn trading without the risk of losing their money. It uses the TESTNET platform for this.

Hodl Hodl P2P Bitcoin Lending

Hodl Hodl offers a peer-to-peer (p2p) Bitcoin lending service in addition to their p2p exchange platform. In this lending service, borrowers and lenders directly connect on the platform, eliminating the need for intermediaries such as banks. The process involves borrowers depositing a certain amount of Bitcoin, greater than the loan amount, as collateral to ensure repayment. Hodl Hodl uses a multi-signature escrow service to securely hold the collateral during the loan period, releasing the funds to the borrower only after they repay the loan with interest. Bitcoin borrowing directly is not available as of April 5, 2024.

There are several benefits associated with Hodl Hodl’s Bitcoin lending service. Firstly, you have the opportunity to earn interest on your Bitcoin holdings. Additionally, you have flexibility in setting your own loan terms, including interest rates and loan durations, allowing for customized lending arrangements. Moreover, the lending process preserves your privacy, as no Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification is required, enabling you to remain anonymous throughout the transaction.

Hodl Hodl Dispute Resolution System

If either party does not agree to the contract terms, then Hodl Hodl can act as the third party to resolve the dispute. This can be done through arbitration or mediation. The Hodl Hodl team will use their experience and expertise to assess the situation and provide a fair resolution. This way, the funds stored in the escrow address remain secure and protected.

Hodl Hodl Limits

The limits are determined by a user’s total trading volume and the number of successful trades. The higher the total trading volume and the number of successful trades, the higher the limit. There are three levels of limits overall in the account. To move from the first to the second level, you need to have 10 completed contracts with 5 different users; for the third level – 50 completed contracts and 0.5 BTC reached.

Hodl Hodl Fees

Hodl Hodl trading fees depend on the transaction size and type. Generally, fees range from 0.2%-0.4% for small trades and can go up to 1%-2% for large trades. The seller sends the funds to escrow plus his fee; the buyer receives the amount minus his part of the fee. The trading fee is equally split between the buyer and seller. It is paid only in bitcoin when a trade is successfully settled.

Is Hodl Hodl Safe?

Hodl Hodl places a strong emphasis on security by functioning as a noncustodial Bitcoin exchange. Unlike traditional exchanges, Hodl Hodl never holds your private keys. Transactions take place directly between buyers and sellers, with an innovative security feature known as multisig escrow ensuring the safety of both parties involved.

When a trade is initiated on Hodl Hodl, a unique Bitcoin address is generated specifically for that transaction. This address requires multiple keys to unlock the funds held within: one held by Hodl Hodl, one by the buyer, and one by the seller. The seller then sends the Bitcoin to the escrow address. Once the buyer confirms payment in fiat currency, the seller releases the Bitcoin from escrow using their key. Finally, with both the buyer’s and Hodl Hodl’s keys, the Bitcoin is released from escrow and delivered to the buyer’s wallet.

By necessitating multiple keys for access, the multisig escrow effectively prevents either the buyer or seller from absconding with the funds. This setup eliminates a central point of vulnerability and maintains the security of your Bitcoin throughout the transaction process.

Is Hodl Hodl the Best Bitcoin Exchange and P2P Lending Platform?

If you’re seeking anonymity in your Bitcoin transactions, Hodl Hodl p2p exchange stands out as one of the premier peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges and peer to peer lending platform available. Operating as a noncustodial exchange, Hodl Hodl ensures that you maintain complete control over your funds, requiring you to possess your own wallet. Embracing the ethos of Bitcoin exclusively, Hodl Hodl supports only Bitcoin transactions, boasting lower fees in comparison to traditional exchanges. Notable features include SegWit, Lightning Network, Liquid, 2FA, Telegram Bot, and integration with hardware wallets.

However, it’s worth noting that Hodl Hodl currently lacks a mobile app. Additionally, due to potentially lower trading volume, liquidity may be impacted, affecting the speed and ease of finding suitable buy/sell offers. In cases of disputes between buyers and sellers, resolution processes may involve Hodl Hodl team intervention, leading to potential delays and complexities. Furthermore, the exchange lacks advanced features such as margin trading, charting tools, and deep order books when compared to more established exchanges.

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