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How do I get liquid Bitcoin?

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What is Liquid Network?

The Liquid Network, launched by Blockstream in 2018, is a side chain solution built on top of Bitcoin. It functions as a separate blockchain but is pegged to the main Bitcoin blockchain. Liquid Network aims to address limitations of Bitcoin’s scalability and privacy. Therefore, it … Read further

what is mempool

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What’s The Mempool?

A mempool (short for “memory pool”) is a crucial component of a blockchain network, where unconfirmed transactions are stored after they are broadcasted by users. It is a temporary storage area in a node where unconfirmed transactions are kept before they are added to a … Read further

what is replace by fee

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What’s Replace By Fee (RBF)?

Replace-by-fee (RBF) (or Bump Fee) is a feature of some Bitcoin wallets that allows you to replace a low-fee transaction with a new one with a higher fee. This is done by creating a new transaction with a higher fee and the same inputs as … Read further

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What’s PayJoin?

PayJoin (also known as “P2EP” or “Pay-to-EndPoint”) is a privacy-enhancing technique for bitcoin transactions. It is a type of CoinJoin transaction, which allows multiple users to combine their bitcoin inputs and outputs into a single transaction, thereby increasing privacy and fungibility. However, PayJoin goes one … Read further


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What’s LNURL?

LNURL is a standard protocol for Lightning Network-based bitcoin payments that enables users to interact with Lightning-enabled services via simple and easy-to-use URLs. These URLs are encrypted with cryptographic data, allowing for secure and efficient communication between the user’s Lightning bitcoin wallet and the Lightning … Read further


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What’s SegWit?

What is a SegWit address? Segregated Witness, or SegWit, is a proposed solution to the Bitcoin network’s scalability problem. It is a Bitcoin address that separates transaction data from signature data (witness data), making transactions smaller and fitting more into each block. SegWit addresses emerged … Read further

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