sms4sats Review: Buy SMS activation codes with bitcoin

sms4sats is an online service for generating disposable phone numbers for added privacy when receiving SMS activation codes. The service only accepts bitcoin on the Lightning Network as payment.

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sms4sats is a convenient online service that enables you to generate one-time-use, disposable phone numbers for added privacy when receiving SMS activation codes from online platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, OpenAI, and Discord. Additionally, you can send SMS messages to any phone number of your choice. The service exclusively accepts bitcoin on the Lightning Network as payment.

sms4sats employs a secure payment mechanism known as “hold invoices.” This method ensures that payment is only released once the service successfully delivers the SMS code to the user. Consequently, users are only charged if the service delivers the code, and any unutilized funds are automatically refunded to their Lightning wallets.

Benefits of sms4sats

sms4sats is good option if you want to protect your privacy when signing up for online services.

Here are some of the benefits of using sms4sats:

  • Privacy: You don’t need to give away your personal phone number to receive SMS activation codes.
  • Security: Disposable phone numbers are less likely to be hacked than personal phone numbers.
  • Convenience: You can pay for disposable phone numbers using Bitcoin Lightning, which is a fast and secure payment method.
  • API: sms4sats provides an API that enables other Bitcoin/Lightning companies to programmatically send SMS messages. This enables other businesses to integrate sms4sats’s capabilities into their own platforms and services. Examples of companies that already utilize this API include LNVPN and Lightsats.
  • Tor: sms4sats integrates with Tor, an anonymity network, allowing users to access the service while masking their IP addresses and online activities.

How sms4sats Works

sms4sats operates using a system of hold invoices, which implies that your payment will only be confirmed by the receiving node of the platform once you receive the code. If you do not receive the code, the payment attempt will be cancelled, and the funds will be returned to your wallet within a maximum of 20 minutes.

Activation success rates typically hover around 50%, implying that you may need to attempt at least two times before discovering a functional number that permits the service to send an SMS successfully. However, the positive aspect is that you may make as many attempts as you need until you succeed, and you will only be charged for the code that is effectively provided to you. Any unsuccessful attempts will be automatically refunded to your Lightning wallet.

Regrettably, the platform cannot retrieve previously used phone numbers if you are requested to validate them again, as this is presently not feasible owing to limitations imposed by service providers. However, the platform is actively exploring solutions to enable this functionality in the future.

The only accepted form of payment by sms4sats is bitcoin using bitcoin wallets supporting the Lightning Network, which enables the platform to operate the service without the need for accounts or balances.

sms4sats Fees

The fees for sms4sats are 3000 sats for both receiving and sending SMS messages, while the cost of renting a number varies depending on the country from which you are renting.

Watch the video below to see how sms4sats works:


Wallets Supporting Bitcoin Lightning

In order to use sms4sats, you need to have a Lightning wallet.

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