HeartBit: Lightning Healthcare

HeartBit utilizes bitcoin, Lightning Network, and AI to eliminate healthcare barriers and enable accessible, borderless health consultations with licensed doctors.


HeartBit is an initiative that utilizes bitcoin Lightning Network, and AI to break down barriers in healthcare by enabling accessible and borderless health consultations from licensed doctors. The Lightning Network integration creates a global marketplace, benefiting doctors in low-wage countries and uninsured patients in high-cost healthcare systems.

Furthermore, HeartBit leverages AI technology for translations, allowing patients to ask health-related questions in their preferred language and receive accurate responses. There were 31 supported languages as of May 2023. AI also assists doctors in efficiently drafting personalized replies, enabling them to consult with more patients, potentially enhancing their income and service quality.

Problem HeartBis Is Solving

Bitcoin allows value transfer across the internet, bypassing traditional financial barriers. But what about small transactions, like paying a nominal consultation fee? That’s where the Lightning Network comes in. It’s an additional layer on the Bitcoin network, enabling global payments with minimal fees.

HeartBit aims to address the limitations imposed by national and private insurance networks in healthcare. In countries like the U.S., where approximately 8% of the population lacks medical insurance, individuals such as immigrants, temporary workers, international students, and travelers often struggle to meet eligibility criteria even with the expansion of programs like Obamacare. These individuals face financial burdens when seeking medical assistance for less severe reasons.

Moreover, doctors also encounter financial challenges due to lower reimbursement rates set by the government or insurers. Additionally, they face the disadvantage of being restricted to attracting patients within the same insurer’s network. HeartBit seeks to overcome these boundaries for both patients and doctors, providing a solution that promotes accessibility, affordability, and broader connectivity in healthcare consultations.

How HeartBit Works

HeartBit incentivizes doctors to provide consultations through bitcoin bounties. The overall bounty amount increases when more questions are waiting to be answered promptly. The higher this increase, the more it directly influences doctors’ rewards. Consequently, more doctors are likely to provide consultations on HeartBit. Applying free-market economic principles creates an appealing opportunity for doctors in low-wage countries and offers an affordable alternative for patients in countries with high healthcare costs.

HeartBit uses advanced AI technology, empowering patients to confidently ask health-related questions in their preferred language and receive accurate answers. In addition, HeartBit employs an AI assistant that generates draft responses to patient inquiries. Doctors can then review and refine these drafts, ensuring a finalized response that meets their expertise and standards.

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