Zaprite Bitcoin Invoice Platform Review

Zaprite invoicing is a free bitcoin-only web tool that allows you to create bitcoin invoice that may be paid using bitcoin, Lightning, or Liquid.


Zaprite is a bitcoin-only web app that lets anyone make personalized invoices that can be paid using bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, or fiat. The no KYC bitcoin invoicing app is in beta and is onboarding new users.

How Zaprite works

Zaprite makes it easy to invoice your clients and accept payments in bitcoin. With Zaprite, you can create custom invoices and email them to your clients. You can save contacts and business names, their payment information, add line items as in regular invoices. Your clients will receive an email with a direct link to the invoice with your bitcoin address, as well as a live bitcoin exchange rate. This allows them to initiate a bitcoin payment transaction directly from the invoice. Zaprite automatically generates a bitcoin payment request at each request, based on up-to-date market values and denominated in a range of fiat currencies.

You can also create Payment Links, a customizable URL designed for facilitating online sales and accepting payments from numerous customers. This tool can be utilized for various purposes, such as selling digital products like event tickets, physical items like books, or collecting donations. With Payment Links, you can sell the same item to multiple customers (one-to-many), and they can be tailored to request additional customer details such as name, email address, shipping address, and more. It is also possible to receive payments on your own Lightning node.

Zaprite invoicing provides integration with many third-party services such as SEPA, Strike, Stripe, Square, Cash App, Alby, Zebedee, WooCommerce, and more. A connection with services such as Stripe allows you to offer direct credit and debit card payments on your invoices. This is a great way to accommodate clients who are not yet ready to pay in bitcoin. There’s also a discount option, so you can incentivize clients to pay using bitcoin by displaying a discounted invoice total.

Integrations expected to be implemented soon include Swan Bitcoin, Voltage, River Financial, Voltage, OpenNode, BTCPay Server, Quickbooks, and Xero.

You can access and download your complete transaction history. The downloaded CSV file will mirror the current filters applied to the table. For instance, if you’ve filtered the rows based on a specific date range, the downloaded data will encompass transactions solely within that range. To obtain your entire Transaction history, eliminate any existing filters and initiate the download process.

Zaprite is a noncustodial service, meaning that it does not provide a bitcoin wallet and does not have access to your funds. It is your responsibility as a user to manage your own bitcoin and maintain your own wallet.

For you to sign up, Zaprite only requires an email address and a password. The company plans to remain KYC-free for its core product features.


  • No KYC. You can sign up using only your email address
  • Accept payments in bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, and credit/debit cards
  • Receive notifications when invoices are paid
  • Project and task management
  • 30-day free trial

Zaprite Fees

Zaprite provides both monthly and annual subscription options. The monthly plan, billed month-to-month, is currently priced at $25 per month. Alternatively, the annual plan requires a single upfront payment of $240 per year, offering a 20% discount compared to the month-to-month rate. In the future, there are plans to implement a 20% surcharge for payments made in fiat currency instead of Bitcoin, applicable to both monthly and annual plans. Additionally, Zaprite offers a complimentary 30-day trial period, after which you can choose to continue your subscription and pay with either BTC or fiat. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Zaprite Supported Countries List

Zaprite does not publish a list of supported countries on their website or in their documentation. The service, however, is available for businesses around the world (except OFAC-sanctioned countries). After logging in, navigate to your Zaprite settings to find a list of supported currencies, indicating the countries where Zaprite operates.

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