Swapin: Instant Transfers Between Bitcoin and SEPA

Swapin is a financial services provider that allows you to buy bitcoin using SEPA bank transfers, accept bitcoin payments in your business, and pay fiat bills with bitcoin in Europe. It offers you a dedicated IBAN accounts in your name with automatic and immediate conversion into EUR or GBP.



Swapin is a licensed financial services provider based in Estonia that allows you to buy bitcoin with SEPA transfers, accept bitcoin payments in your business, and pay fiat bills with bitcoin in Europe. It offers you a dedicated IBAN accounts in your name with automatic and immediate conversion into EUR or GBP.

Hot to Get Started with Swapin

Register a personal or business account to start using Swapin. The registration process for both services requires you to enter an email and make up a password. Verify and confirm your email via a link in a letter sent to your email address. You need to pass the identity verification process to access all Swapin payment solutions. First, enter your personal information, such as your name and surname, country of residence, birth country, phone number, and citizenship. Next, you will be asked to take a picture of the required document and a selfie with the document you submit.

After verifying the identity, proceed to the level of verification and limits. At this stage, you fill in and confirm your address. If necessary, Swapin may request a legal translation of all documents into English. The next step is to fill in the fields of income information. They include the purpose of transactions, net income, employer name, and source of funds.

Swapin Solutions for Personal Use

  • SwapinBuy: You can buy bitcoin using euro directly from your bank account. Your bitcoin will be delivered directly to your noncustodial wallet within minutes.
  • InstaPay. It is a Swapin tool that allows you to instantly convert bitcoin and other digital currencies into euros and send them directly to a recipient’s SEPA bank account. With this tool, you can also use your app wallet to pay for purchases.
  • Predefined payments. This solution allows you to create transfer templates and reuse them for future payments. After making a payment, it is possible to set a reminder about the next payment date.
  • InstaFill. It is a service for transferring funds between bitcoin and fiat currency. Send bitcoin to the Swapin wallet to get euros into your bank account automatically. The service becomes active once your IBAN account is linked to the account on Swapin and the feature is set up.
  • Web3 Wallet Integration. Using the Swapin web application, you can instantly convert bitcoin from the Web3 wallet to a bank account. Swapin supports MetaMask, Ledger, Trust, Rainbow, Crypto.com, Argent, and Exodus wallets. To put it into action, click the “Connect Wallet” button at the top left of the page.
  • InstaBuy. It is an upcoming bitcoin purchasing tool. It will enable buying bitcoin with a credit/debit card.

Swapin Solutions for Businesses

  • SwapinBuy: Businesses in EEA and Switzerland can buy bitcoin directly from business bank account.
  • SwapinCollect. This tool enables businesses and corporations to create invoices that can be paid in bitcoin. In turn, companies will get fiat straight to their corporate IBAN.
  • E-Com widget. This feature allows online stores to accept bitcoin payments and process them into fiat. The money is instantly transferred to the seller’s linked IBAN account. Swapin’s E-Com widget is compatible with popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magneto.

Swapin Fees


Open a personal account:Free
Open a business account:Free
Account maintenance:Free
Minimum transaction amount:5 EUR
Maximum transaction volume:Unlimited, but a limit may still apply based on the customer’s provided financial information.

Transaction fees 1

The following are fees for exchanging bitcoin and pay fiat to anyone, as well as accept bitcoin as a business and get fiat on your SEPA bank account:

Transaction volumeSwapin FeeBank transfer feeBitcoin to fiat exchange rate
From €5 to €15 0001.35%0.4%Fixed for 30 mins
Over €15 000 to €30 0001.1%0.4%Fixed for 30 mins
Over €30 000 to unlimited0.8%0.4%Fixed for 30 mins

Transaction fees 2

Fees for exchanging bitcoin and get fiat on your SEPA bank account are:

Transaction volumeSwapin FeeBank transfer feeBitcoin to fiat exchange rate
From €5 to unlimited0.8%0.2%Real-time

When transferring bitcoin to Swapin, the estimated processing time is up to 5 minutes. The same applies to instant SEPA bank transfers. However, for SEPA bank transfers, the processing time may vary, and it may take longer to complete the transaction.

Supported Countries

Currently, Swapin process payments across 36 countries and serve customers from 178 countries, including countries in EEA, North America, Africa, Asia, and South America.

Is Swapin Safe and Legit?

Yes, Swapin is a safe and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is regulated by the European Union and takes stringent measures to ensure the safety of customer funds. As a non-custodial platform, Swapin does not hold your funds and uses them for instant payouts. This means that you are always in control of your private keys and your funds are never at risk of being lost or stolen. Their commitment to security is further reinforced by Swapin’s prompt payout processing, with 95% of transactions completed within 5 minutes or less.

Swapin uses dedicated IBANs for each customer’s name to prevent bank account flags or concerns. Swapin’s dedication to customer trust and industry standards is further demonstrated by their membership in the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and MasterCard Lighthouse FINITIV.

Swapin Alternatives

There are several good alternatives if Swapin does not meet your specific needs. They include the following:

Buying Bitcoin With SEPA Transfer

Swapin is a non-custodial platform that offers a way to buy Bitcoin with SEPA, a popular European payment method. It boasts fast processing times, with 95% of transactions completed within 5 minutes. Additionally, it provides a dedicated IBAN in your name to prevent banks from blocking your transactions. However, Swapin is a KYC exchange, so you will need to provide identification to use its services. This KYC requirement may not be ideal for users who value anonymity in their transactions. The platform also charges slightly higher fees compared to some alternatives, and there is a possibility of delays during bank holidays or weekends.

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