AcceptLN: Service to Receive Bitcoin With Email Address is a free service that lets you receive bitcoin with your email address. No accounts, passwords, or KYC required. The receiver need to claim their bitcoin in 60 days or pay a fee.

Description is a free service that allows anyone to send and receive bitcoin using their email address. You will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to set up your wallet and a link to claim your bitcoin. The service is a product of a team of Bitcoiners based in El Salvador, and its main goal is to grow Bitcoin adoption.

How Works

There are no accounts, passwords, or KYC required to use the service. However, if you leave your bitcoin with for more than 60 days, they will charge a fee.

To use, you provide an email address that will claim the Bitcoin Lightning payment. You will be notified via email and receive instructions on how to claim the payment, including how to set up a wallet. You can also use to send Bitcoin Lightning to anyone’s email address. will receive the payment on the recipient’s behalf and email them to claim it.

You can use your business email address, bookmark on any device, and be a Lightning-enabled business in seconds. You can also use to receive payments if you are having wallet trouble or if your phone battery dies.

The service is working on a one-click, in-line payment system for phone bills, electricity bills, etc., so new, skeptical users can see that Lightning Network is not a place where money disappears.

Features also offers the following features:

  • The ability to receive your first ever Lightning payment.
  • The ability to claim your payments back when you’re ready, with the email sends you.
  • The ability to send Bitcoin Lightning to anyone’s email.
  • The ability to use your business email and bookmark on any device to become a Lightning-enabled business in seconds.
  • The ability to use to receive payments if you’re having wallet trouble or if your phone battery dies.

How to Send Bitcoin to Email Address

After coming across, I used it to receive Bitcoin with my email address, and I was very impressed with how simple and easy-to-use it is. The process is straightforward: simply enter the email address you want to receive Bitcoin from and select the amount you want to receive. will then show you a page with a QR code and lightning invoice that you can use to pay with any Lightning wallet. You can also view details such as the total amount, exchange rate, and total in fiat.

After the payment is made, the recipient will receive an email saying they’ve received Bitcoin and a link to claim it. If they already have a wallet, they can claim their Bitcoin right away by pasting the Lightning invoice on the claim page. The process is near instant, as pays out once per minute.

If they don’t have a wallet, will help them pick one on the Setup Your Wallet page. The page has a quick intro into Bitcoin Lightning and Bitcoin wallets, and it currently recommends Wallet of Satoshi, Phoenix wallet, Alby Desktop Wallet, and Zeus for newbies.

I noticed that if you generate an invoice on without specifying the amount, the payment will fail until you indicate the amount on your wallet. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but it’s something to be aware of. Fees does not charge any service charges for accepting payments, holding payments while you set up your wallet, or sending payments to you. You only need to pay a Lightning Network routing fee when finalizes your claim.

Each time a payment on the Bitcoin Lightning network is sent, a tiny fee is paid by the sender to the network for routing. For most payments, this fee is less than $0.01 and usually costs 1-100 sats. You will see this fee on your claims page, as needs to set it aside to make the payment to you. gives you 60 days to set up your wallet with no fee paid to the company. If you do not set up your wallet and claim your payments from within 60 days, the company will begin to charge an inactivity fee daily. does not want to be your forever bank and encourages you to set up your wallet and claim your payments as soon as possible.

For this reason, between 60 and 240 days of not claiming and ignoring’s reminder emails, the company charges just over 1% per day. By day 240, your entire payment will be charged as an inactivity fee. This protects from holding your payments forever and gives the company a small revenue stream to fund the service for all users.

Is Safe?

The service is safe, private and secure. It’s a legit service authorized by the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador to provide its wallet and payment processing services.

You do not need to sign up or create an account to use You can use any email address or email forward. Its website has only two main pages: one for accepting payments and one for claiming payments. uses a web app and relies on as few gatekeepers as possible. The service does not consider your data or sats to be an asset, and its pricing encourages you to use the product briefly and then move to your own wallet. My Personal Experience

I was very impressed with It’s a great way to receive Bitcoin instantly with your email address, and it’s especially useful if you want to introduce people to Bitcoin and Lightning. I especially like the fact that it does not require users to sign up or create an account. The service also supports a variety of currencies, which is useful for users from different parts of the world. One thing to note is that charges a fee if users leave their Bitcoin with the service for more than 60 days. However, I believe that this fee is fair, as is not meant to be a long-term Bitcoin wallet.

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