Coinos: Accept Bitcoin Payments

Coinos is a mobile and tablet-friendly web-based bitcoin payment app. It supports currency conversion and it is completely free to create an account and accept payments over the Lightning Network.


Coinos is a web-based bitcoin payment app that is optimized for mobile and tablet use. It features currency conversion and reporting capabilities. There is no need for any software or hardware to accept bitcoin payments. It’s free to register an account and receive payments over the Lightning Network. The app is currently available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.

With Coinos, there are no set up fees, no merchant fees and transactions are safe and secure with payments going directly to the business owner’s wallet. There is no middle person.

How Coinos works

You only need a username and password to get started. Coinos is web-based, so you may use it on any device as long as you have an internet connection. Retailers may use it on a smartphone or tablet. When someone is ready to pay, you enter the amount in your local currency, share the QR code. You will receive the payment, the moment your customer pays. There’s no waiting for bank settlements or worrying about chargebacks. After receiving payments, you can immediately withdraw your funds from Coinos wallet to another bitcoin wallet or exchange. You can export your transaction reports.

Coinos fees

Registering a Coinos account and receiving payments using the Lightning Network are both free. You will be charged a 0.1% conversion fee from lightning to bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Only

Lightning Network


Web-Based Interface

Mobile App


Dekstop App



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Free registration, 0.1% fee to convert from Lightning to bitcoin

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