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Tapsigner is a bitcoin NFC card that allows you to sign bitcoin transactions by tapping it on your phone. The card serves as a hardware wallet that fits inside your regular pocket wallet by keeping your private keys separate from your wallet.


Tapsigner is a smart NFC card that allows you to sign bitcoin transactions by tapping it on your mobile device or desktop. The majority of the wallet functionality is provided by your mobile wallet, while Tapsigner maintains the secrets. By keeping your keys separate from your wallet, the card functions like a hardware wallet that fits inside your ordinary pocket wallet.

Although hardware wallets are more secure than mobile wallets, they are more difficult to use and move. Its lower cost is intended to make hardware wallet functionality and security available to a broader global market. Futhermore, due to its compact credit card size factor and simple tap-to-use functionality, Tapsigner bridges the usability and portability gap between mobile and hardware wallets. The card is made by the bitcoin company Coinkite.

How Tapsigner works

Tapsigner requires you to have a mobile wallet. For the time being, the card is only compatible with Nunchuk, Sparrow, and Hexa wallets. The card does not come with any private keys. Instead, it uses Bitcoin cryptography library to generate keys with the help of a compatible mobile wallet before you first use it.

To use the NFC hardware wallet with a computer, you need a USB NFC card reader and the cktap command-line software or any desktop wallet that uses Tapsigner open protocol. The private key is generated within the card and never leaves it, regardless of any malware or keyloggers that may be present on a connected computer.

The card generates private keys that follow the BIP 32 standard rather than the BIP 39 standard. This essentially means that you cannot use it with a seedphrase. You will need an encrypted copy of your private keys to back up your private keys.

It comes with an RF (radio frequency) blocking sleeve to prevent unauthorized access by RF readers with malicious intent. The card must be completely inserted into the sleeve because even a 5 mm gap can allow a reader to pick up a signal.


  • NFC bitcoin wallet for fast and convenient user experience
  • Verifiable entropy assures you that only the Tapsigner has access to the private key that governs bitcoin.
  • It can be easily and securely backed-up into a file.

Tapsigner use cases

  • Message signing
  • Mobile wallet cosigning
  • Opening and closing Lightning Network channels
  • App authentication
  • Collaborative multisig service applications
  • Using a NFC with a Lightning Network node
  • Partially signed Bitcoin transactions (PSBTs) via HWI

Disadvantages of Tapsigner

There are a few cons to Tapsigner that you should be aware of. They include the following:

  • Limited functionality: Tapsigner is primarily focused on signing transactions. It does not support other Bitcoin features, such as sending and receiving regular Bitcoin transactions. This means that you will need to use a separate wallet for managing your transactions.
  • Lack of advanced features: It does not support some advanced features that are available on other hardware wallets, such as BIP39/BIP49 word seed backup. This may be a drawback if you require a seedphrase features.
  • Potential for errors: Tapsigner is a relatively new device, and there have been a few reports of bugs and errors. These issues are typically addressed quickly by the developers, but it is something to be aware of.
  • Limited ecosystem integration: Currently, Tapsigner is only integrated with Nunchuuk, Sparrow, and Hexa wallets. This may mean that you can only use it with the two wallets.

The video below is a guide on how to use Tapsigner with Nunchuk wallet.

Tapsigner: NFC Bitcoin Wallet

Tapsigner is a good choice for many users due to its ease of use, security features, and affordability. If you are looking for an NFC Bitcoin hardware wallet that is easy to use and affordable, Tapsigner is a good option. If you plan to store a significant amount of Bitcoin for an extended period, we strongly advise using a hardware wallet like Blockstream Jade, Passport, Trezor, or Bitbox.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Alfred Nyarko

    This product, which resembles a credit card is more than traditional hardware wallets, comes at $40 and aims to serve it customer for what they are paying for. Best and safest way to keep your bitcoin. It’s a good product, I love it!

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