Gorilla Sats: Bitcoin Education in Uganda

Gorilla Sats is an initiative dedicated to promoting the adoption of Bitcoin and building a flourishing Bitcoin-based circular economy in Uganda.


Gorilla Sats, an initiative originating from Uganda, is dedicated to promoting the adoption of Bitcoin and building a flourishing Bitcoin-based circular economy within the country. Through its educational programs, Gorilla Sats empowers the broader community by fostering an understanding of the advantages offered by decentralized and transparent financial systems. The initiative also facilitates local transactions by providing a platform that enables individuals and businesses to conveniently purchase and engage in transactions using bitcoin. As an added feature, Gorilla Sats offers the unique experience of gorilla trekking, which can be paid for using bitcoin.


Gorilla Sats initiative offers the following services.


Gorilla Sats offers a range of services focused on Bitcoin education, providing individuals and businesses with the opportunity to learn about the history of money, the fundamentals of Bitcoin, and why it represents the most revolutionary form of currency ever created.

Over-The-Counter-Trading (OTC)

In addition to educational programs, Gorilla Sats operates an OTC Desk where users can directly buy and sell bitcoin. The company offers rates ranging between 3% to 4%. All transactions conducted through the OTC Desk are peer-to-peer to ensure a secure and transparent process.

Community Outreach

Gorilla Sats actively engages in community outreach to foster strong community involvement.


The initiative also offers partnership programs, inviting collaboration on ambitious projects. Gorilla Sats believes that achieving growth requires collective effort, with two or more parties working together toward a common goal. Thus, they are open to bringing innovative ideas to fruition and working alongside partners to achieve mutual success.

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