Tweetoshi: Earn Bitcoin on Lightning Network

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Tweetoshi is a Twitter client that splits revenue with users and features an integrated Lightning Network for tipping content creators with no KYC.



Tweetoshi is a startup based in the Czech Republic that pays users with bitcoin for using Twitter and allows users to send bitcoin to one another on Lightning Network. As a Twitter client, Tweetoshi displays everything on Twitter. It is available for Android and iOS.

Tweetoshi has been discontinued after Twitter blocked most of the projects that have been built on the platform, including Tweetoshi. Find out alternative means to earn Bitcoin

How Tweetoshi works

You don’t need any new account. You simply log into Tweetoshi with your existing Twitter account. When you log into to Tweetoshi, you will get a built-in Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) wallet that is linked to your Twitter account. You can deposit and withdraw funds at any time with no fees.

Tweetoshi wallet is not designed to keep huge amounts of bitcoin. Therefore, it’s recommended that you keep only enough to tip content creators and store the rest on no-custodial wallets supporting Lightning such as Muun and BlueWallet.

Once you log in, you can browse your favorite tweets in the same way as you would on Twitter. In addition, you may also receive a tip from other Tweetoshi users who like your content.

Tweetoshi earns money from advertisements. You can buy a premium plan to remove all advertisements.

Benefits of Tweetoshi

  • Collect rewards. You will automatically receive some sats for using Tweetoshi. Simply check Twitter to see new content and get bitcoin.
  • Sat a Tweet. Show your appreciation by tipping content creators with a couple of sats. It might be sats that you deposited or received when using Tweetoshi. There is no need for KYC.

It’s like Patreon but with no fees & thanks to Bitcoin and its second layer – Lightning network – it is lightingly fast!

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2 reviews for Tweetoshi: Earn Bitcoin on Lightning Network

  1. 4 out of 5

    Dayo King

    I’ve received many tips for my content on Tweetoshi, which is why I highly recommend it to content creators who want to stack sats. If you’re a content creator who attracts a good audience, Tweetoshi is the perfect platform for you. It’s also a great platform for readers who want to support their favorite content creators.

    Overall, Tweetoshi is a recommendable platform for both content writers and readers. It provides a great opportunity for content creators to earn Bitcoin and for readers to support their favorite creators. Give it a try and start stacking those sats!

  2. 4 out of 5

    Dayo King

    Tweetoshi has been a great platform for me as a content creator. I’ve received many tips for my content, and it’s an excellent way to stack sats if you have a good following. The platform is also recommendable for readers who enjoy engaging with high-quality content. Overall, I highly recommend Tweetoshi for both content creators and readers alike.

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