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What’s Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a payment technology that runs on top of a blockchain. It is intended to allow for quick, low-cost, and private transactions between participating nodes. The Lightning Network’s basic premise is to allow users to create off-chain payment channels between any two … Read further

bitcoin proof of reserves


Why Proof of Reserves doesn’t really help

Bitcoin exchanges use Proof of Reserves (PoR) to demonstrate that they have enough funds to cover all customer deposits. The goal of Proof of Reserves is to increase transparency and trust in the exchange. With the collapse of Scam Bankster Fraud‘s FTX in November 2022, … Read further

How NGOs use bitcoin


The Bitcoin NGO Guide 2022

The Bitcoin NGO Guide shows on how NGOs, activists, foundations, governments, and aid organizations can use bitcoin to improve their operations. The guide is written by Leigh Cuen with support from the Human Rights Foundation and published in partnership with the Bitcoin Policy Institute. It … Read further



Bitcoin without internet: Machankura

Until recently, the only way I could send or receive Bitcoin in Africa was via my smartphone and an internet connection. This meant that a huge number of potential Bitcoin users in Africa were excluded from the Bitcoin ecosystem because they own low-cost mobile phone. … Read further

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