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Samourai vs wasabi review
Samourai vs wasabi review

Bitcoin Wallet

Samourai Wallet vs Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet and Samourai Wallet are both noncustodial, open-source Bitcoin wallets designed with a focus on privacy and security. They share common features such as CoinJoin, which anonymizes transactions, Tor integration, which masks users’ IP addresses, Taproot, and SegWit. Furthermore, both are Bitcoin only wallets. … Read further

What is a desktop crypto wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet

Best Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

A desktop Bitcoin wallet is a software program installed on your computer that allows you to securely store, send, and receive Bitcoin. This means you can have a Bitcoin wallet on your computer and manage your digital assets directly from your desktop. How does a … Read further

best bitcoin only wallets

Bitcoin Wallet

Best Bitcoin Only Wallets

A Bitcoin wallet is a software program or hardware device that stores the private keys required to access and manage Bitcoin holdings securely. These private keys are used to sign transactions, allowing you to send and receive Bitcoin on the blockchain network. Wallets also typically … Read further

is taproot good for bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet

What is a Taproot Address and Taproot Wallet?

What is a Taproot wallet? A Taproot wallet is a type of Bitcoin wallet that utilizes the Taproot protocol upgrade. Taproot represents a major upgrade to Bitcoin’s scripting capabilities, a significant step for Bitcoin since 2017’s SegWit. This upgrade brings several advantages, including enhanced privacy, … Read further

Crypto exchanges that accept Mpesa

Buy Bitcoin

How to Buy Bitcoin With M-Pesa in Kenya

If you’re in Kenya and interested in buying Bitcoin using M-Pesa, the popular mobile money platform, this guide is for you. Kenya is one of the top markets for exchanging Bitcoins in their local currency (BTC to KES). To do this, you’ll need: A Kenyan … Read further

how to buy bitcoin in costa rica

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin in Costa Rica: A Guide

Costa Rica, often hailed for its natural beauty and eco-tourism, but it is also becoming a hotspot for Bitcoin enthusiasts, especially because of “Bitcoin Jungle”, a burgeoning Bitcoin community. But what exactly is the state of Bitcoin in this Central American nation, and how accessible … Read further

river financial vs swan

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River vs Swan Bitcoin

When it comes to choosing a platform for buying and selling Bitcoin in the US and other parts of the world, two names frequently pop up in discussions: River Financial and Swan Bitcoin. Both platforms offer unique features tailored to meet the needs of Bitcoin … Read further

How do I get liquid Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Tech, Privacy

What is Liquid Network?

The Liquid Network, launched by Blockstream in 2018, is a side chain solution built on top of Bitcoin. It functions as a separate blockchain but is pegged to the main Bitcoin blockchain. Liquid Network aims to address limitations of Bitcoin’s scalability and privacy. Therefore, it … Read further

Wallet of Satoshi vs Muun Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

Wallet of Satoshi vs Muun

For beginners stepping into the exciting world of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, choosing the right wallet can feel daunting. Two popular options vying for your attention are Muun and Wallet of Satoshi (WoS). While both cater to users seeking a simplified approach to managing … Read further

watch only crypto wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

What is a Watch Only Wallet?

A watch-only wallet or a view only wallet, as the name suggests, is a Bitcoin wallet that can only observe transactions but cannot initiate them. Unlike traditional wallets, Bitcoin watch-only wallets don’t store private keys which can authorize transactions. It essentially provides a view-only mode … Read further

top lightning wallets

Bitcoin Wallet

Choose Best Bitcoin Lightning Wallets in 2024

Bitcoin, the world’s first decentralized digital currency, has changed the way we perceive and transfer value. At the heart of the Bitcoin ecosystem lies the concept of Bitcoin wallets, which are digital tools that allow you to store, send, and receive Bitcoin securely. These wallets … Read further

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