What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new approach towards money. It implies that everyone has the potential to become their own bank, with the ability to transact freely without the need for intermediaries. This has the potential to empower individuals and communities, particularly those who have been … Read further

advantages of self custody

Bitcoin, Bitcoin security

What’s Bitcoin Self-Custody?

Bitcoin self-custody is the act of individuals directly holding their own bitcoin without the use of intermediaries such as exchanges or other third-party services. Individuals have complete control and responsibility over their bitcoin, which are securely stored in a self-custodial wallet using their own private … Read further


We only got into Bitcoin last week

How much bitcoin do you have? I keep meeting people who are eager to tell me when they became “into crypto,” or even “into Bitcoin.” This seems ridiculous and dumb to me. Chat with Matthew already 21 messages Matthew 10:12AM, Today Hey, I’m Matthew, nice … Read further

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Bitcoin only exchanges

As of 2023, there exist 584 centralized exchanges, playing a crucial role in the fiat/Bitcoin economy as on- and off-ramps for buying and selling Bitcoin. However, it is important to keep in mind that these exchanges should not be considered friends. They simply provide a … Read further


What is hyperbitcoinization

Hyperbitcoinization (h17n) is the process by which Bitcoin becomes the default or main means of exchange for transactions. It is driven by an increase in the acceptance and use of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, and by a decrease in the use of other … Read further

lightning network


What’s Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a payment technology that runs on top of a blockchain. It is intended to allow for quick, low-cost, and private transactions between participating nodes. The Lightning Network’s basic premise is to allow users to create off-chain payment channels between any two … Read further

fake bitcoin wallet


How to prevent a wallet from stealing your bitcoin

Bitcoin wallets are designed to hold and manage the private keys associated with your bitcoin holdings. These private keys are critical for accessing and spending your funds, so what would stop a wallet from stealing your bitcoin without your knowledge? How do you ensure that … Read further

bitcoin secure operating systems

Bitcoin, Bitcoin security

Best Operating System for Bitcoin

The best solution to protect your bitcoin keys is cold storage. However, it is also convenient to be able to use your bitcoin for everyday payments, which may be done on your smartphone as well as your laptop or desktop computer. As a result, you need to understand operating system security.

bitcoin proof of reserves


Why Proof of Reserves doesn’t really help

Bitcoin exchanges use Proof of Reserves (PoR) to demonstrate that they have enough funds to cover all customer deposits. The goal of Proof of Reserves is to increase transparency and trust in the exchange. With the collapse of Scam Bankster Fraud‘s FTX in November 2022, … Read further

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