The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written


Keysa Luna’s The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written is an independently released book. The purpose of the book is to increase public awareness of bitcoin and the justifications for its necessity.


The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written is an independently published book by Keysa Luna. The book’s goal is to make bitcoin and the reasons we need it more accessible to more people.

The fiat money system is what makes ‘forever-wars’ possible and profitable. Since the people are mostly in the dark about how war spending works, or where the money for war comes from, there is little to no accountability on the part of government. Wars can drag on for years in remote places, with no real oversight.

Starting with Vietnam, wars have become ‘credit card wars’ (h/t @AlexGladstein), since the government borrows money to fund the wars, and then borrows more money to pay the interest on the initial loans.

On a bitcoin standard, it would require the people of a country to be willing to help pay for a war. They would likely only do so if it was absolutely and clearly necessary, to defend their family and country, with an end-goal in site. — The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written

You can buy the book by scanning the QR or use the wallet address found on the book’s website with your Lightning wallet. Compatible wallets are BlueWallet, Phoenix, Breez, Wallet of Satoshi, Blixt, LN Bits, Thunderhub, Zap, Zebedee, and Zeus. You can also get a free PDF version by entering your email address on the website.

Bitcoin is a record keeper that uses mathematics and computer science, instead of bankers, bookkeepers and accountants. It eliminates the middlemen, banks, govts, overdraft fees, checking account fees, limited hours of service, potential for censorship, frozen accounts, manipulation of the money supply, interest rates, the IMF, the WEF, brick-and-mortar buildings, ATMs, checks, corruption, usury, the petro dollar, the euro dollar, bank seignorage, bonds, equities, fractional reserve banking, visa, mastercard, amex, western union, the BIS, days of waiting for your wire transfer to go through. — The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written

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