Bitcoin: Everything Divided By 21 Million


Bitcoin: Everything Divided By 21 Million is a book by Knut Svanholm that explains how bitcoin works and our symbiotic relationship with it.


Bitcoin: Everything Divided By 21 Million is a book by Knut Svanholm that examines our relationships with time, money, and value, and how they are inextricably linked in each of us. Readers will be taken through economics, game theory, mathematics, alchemy, philosophy, and violence. The book was published on March 9, 2022.

Imagine, everything there is and everything that will ever be, divided by 21 million.

He explains how bitcoin works and our symbiotic relationship with it. Addressing today’s most pressing issues, such as inflation, climate change, debt, and wasteful consumption, Svanholm explains why fiat money’s shortsighted solutions will inevitably fail. Bitcoin, in Svanholm’s opinion, is not a threat; rather, it is the solution. The start of a new civilized society.

During this first half of the 21st century, we’re all living through the most critical societal paradigm shift in human history. Hyperbitcoinization. We may have a tumultuous time ahead of us, but it would have been a lot worse without the financial airbag that bitcoin provides.

Bitcoin is a highly potent tool for protecting yourself against inflation. Like all other tools and technologies, it saves you time. Increases your freedom to choose. If it hasn’t already, bitcoin will affect you in ways you cannot imagine. What started as a nerdy digital cash experiment has mutated into something much bigger. Today, bitcoin is nothing short of a global spiritual renaissance. A reclamation of the human soul. An exit strategy for anyone tired of the drudgery of a purposeless career. A pathway to morality, cooperation, and self-sovereignty. An actual shot at saving not only ourselves but the planet we live on, too. People all over the globe are changing their ways at a very rapid pace, waking up to this new reality. They’re seeing this emergent phenomenon for what it is — the emancipation of humankind. An idea whose time has come. The most unstoppable force there is. An abstract concept that will change everything about you. An agreement between people that connects time, morality, and information. It will affect you in ways you can’t even imagine. This book will try to help you understand why and how.

Here’s the eBook, which is available per chapter with Lightning payment on Konsensus Network.

Other books by Svanholm include Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics, Three Minute Reads on Bitcoin: A year of thoughts, and Bitcoin: Independence reimagined.

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