Bitcoin Maxi Radio is a Bitcoin only radio project, aggregating quality podcasts into audio streams.


No air space for shitcoins. Toxicity is ok at times.


Launched in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

We love to hear from you about good Bitcoin podcasts, especially if it’s in a language we are not streaming yet.
Why, how, what

  • spread bitcoin knowledge to wider audience
  • pass-through quality podcasts
  • no crypto/blockchain nonsense
  • no additional ads, we obviously keep the existing ads

There are many good podcasts out there, too many. Makes it hard to choose. Easier to just tune in to a stream. Also nice if people across the globe listen to the same things simultaneously, like the old days of radio and TV.

The idea arose October 2020 when searching for “bitcoin” in internet radio apps – and nothing appeared. Now it seems there are actually some streams out there that weren’t showing for me, but it seems mostly garbage. So it’s time for some quality Bitcoin discussions and news streams.

Now buidling. Expect things to break.

Recommended apps at Community Radio Browser

On SONOS: install myTuner


We’re currently streaming these podcasts. Always happy to add additional quality podcasts to the roster.

Still need to best figure out how to program the episodes, but this is what you can expect.

Bemba (African language spoken in Zambia)






Suomen Kieli

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