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Muun is a self-custodial bitcoin-only mobile wallet. Muun supports the Lightning Network, which allows users to send and receive bitcoin in seconds for very low rates. The wallet is completely open-source.


Muun is a bitcoin-only, self-custodial mobile wallet. Muun supports the Lightning Network to send and receive bitcoin in seconds, with very low fees. The wallet is available for Android and iOS. Muun is fully open-source, which means that anyone can view, audit or contribute to the code. This transparency builds trust, enhances security and encourages collaboration.

Get Started with Muun Wallet

You need to download Muun to your mobile device from Google Play or Apple Store. Install the wallet onto your device. Upon opening it, you will be prompted to either create a new wallet or recover a lost one. If you choose to create a new wallet, you will need to set a PIN, which Muun will use to confirm and create your wallet. To ensure the safety of your bitcoin, you need to back up your wallet in case of device loss or damage. This involves providing and verifying your email address and creating a strong password. Keep in mind that you will need access to your recovery email and password in order to recover your wallet. Alternatively, Muun offers other backup recovery options such as writing down a code on paper, or creating an Emergency Kit (a PDF file you need to save for an emergency) that enables you to recover your wallet without relying on Muun.

Muun is a 2-of-2 multi-signature wallet, so all your outgoing transactions need to be signed with 2 keys instead of 1. This setup enables what we call warm storage: good security is balanced with good UX, and self-custody is never compromised. Instead of holding all keys hot in one single device (your phone), you only carry one key there. Muun co-signs daily transactions.

Upon opening the app, the home screen will display your current balance and allow you to send or receive bitcoin using either the main chain or lightning network. The app also features three tabs at the bottom:

  • Wallet: This tab serves as the home screen as explained above.
  • Security: This tab guides you through the process of backing up your Muun wallet.
  • Settings: This tab allows you to change the main currency displayed in your balance, select your preferred Bitcoin unit (sats or BTC), and customize the appearance of your wallet.

Advantages of Muun Wallet

You can use additional security features like two-factor authentication and multi-signature support. Available in English and Spanish, Muun uses a single balance for transactions making it easier to handle funds across both lightning and on-chain networks. A new feature that will be introduced soon that will allow you to lock your wallet if your phone is stolen until you get a new phone and recover your funds.

Muun wallet can be paired with the Trezor hardware wallet. You can easily and safely transfer money from Muun to Trezor and vice versa. To send money from Muun to Trezor, enter the amount you want to send and the Trezor address to which you want to send it. To receive money from Trezor to Moon, scan the QR code or enter the Trezor address into your mobile wallet.

Muun can be used anywhere in the world. You can select your national currency as the main currency so that you know the value of bitcoin into your local currency. Finally, by supporting the Lightining Network, you will be able to make cheaper and faster bitcoin transactions.

Disadvantages of Muun Wallet

Muun is a hot wallet, meaning you need to be connected to the internet to use it. This may expose you to hackers. Unlike Samourai or Wasabi wallets, Muun does not support CoinJoin, a method used to anonymize bitcoin transactions. It means Muun does not use the Tor network to anonymize bitcoin transactions online.

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4 reviews for Muun: Bitcoin and Lightning Wallet

  1. 5 out of 5


    Choosing the right wallet to store your Bitcoin can be a time-consuming task, with dozens of different options available. However, after using Muun for around 3 years, I can confidently say it’s a fast, efficient, and lightweight wallet that’s easy to operate and can do transactions in seconds. It has no minimum balance requirements or hidden charges for withdrawal on the Lightning Network.

    Overall, I highly recommend Muun to my fellow Bitcoiners. It’s a reliable and trustworthy wallet that provides a seamless experience for storing and transferring Bitcoin. Give it a try and see for yourself!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Muun is an exceptional self-custodial mobile wallet with Lightning integration, ease of use, features, backing up, and security. It is intuitive and simple to use, and has the potential to become a BTC wallet of choice as Bitcoin gains momentum. The only suggestion is to make the PIN code longer and randomize the numbers on the screen.

  3. 5 out of 5


    For me, the best wallet for beginners is super fast and compatible. You can also select your local currency and it will send you the exact amount in sat

  4. 5 out of 5


    The Muun wallet was a game changer for me when I installed it on my phone. It’s tailored specifically for Bitcoin lightning network payments, and its clean interface is super user-friendly. What really sets it apart is how easy it is to back up your secret phrase, so you don’t have to worry about losing your funds. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s already familiar with lightning network payments or just starting out with Bitcoin.

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